Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014

I like it in the city when the air is so thick and opaque

Sometimes, useless things are great.
A present from a friend

For me, it isn't possible to walk by interesting shops without entering them and spending at least a few minutes in them. This leads to me ranging through lots of boutiques looking at everything delightedly without actually buying something (I'm sorry, shopkeepers, for repeatedly annoying you). But it is just far too relaxing and inspiring.
Now that it's summer and also festival season, I think that you are in constant need of decoration. And even though I barely wear jewellery - I am always afraid that it will get on my nerves or that I will lose it -, I like its idea of adding details to an outfit. So this time, I even bought a few items including two bracelets. It is obvious that they are nothing special but they don't fit loosely and are a perfect supplement for clean looks.

On our way, we also saw a lot of nice bicycles and I could not resist to take some photographs (sorry).

This bike is by far the classiest one.

Hamburg's main station

I wanted to buy dungarees for years. In my beloved second-hand shop 'Vintage & Rags', I finally found some - their only flaw is that they're a dress. But I adore dresses as well; therefore, I killed two birds with one stone (this sounds so terrible, why would I even want to kill birds?). Additionally, I now own a red granny-satchel.

Mittwoch, 4. Juni 2014


Zachary Johnson - Lonely Cities

Yesterday, my father showed me the short animation film 'Chinti' which is only eight and a half minutes long. But I was astonished by how affectionate and careful the creators have brought this piece of art into being.

'Chinti' was made by Natalia Mirzoyan and her colleagues from the Petersburg Animation Studio and published in 2012. In the same year, the film already won a few awards. You may have noticed one remarkable thing about it: Its scenery is entirely made out of tea leaves. This makes 'Chinti' even more original - I have never seen a film made of leaves before - and I think that tea leaves really match the film's style (caution and undertones that is).

from a pinboard on Pinterest

I always found films fascinating and I still do. I also always wanted to shoot a short film myself but until now, I did not put that into practice. Of course, every feature needs an interesting issue to be based on, so a film's originators should definitely think about what they want to facilitate first. To express an innovative message in an inventive way is difficult.
Nevertheless, Natalia Mirzoyan and the Petersburg Animation Studio team succeeded. 'Chinti' not only demonstrates the beauty of a short film but also important content. It is thought-provoking and can easily be projected onto humankind and society.
The moral of the short film's story is to fight for what you want to achieve, even if the way to your goal is fraught with obstacles - you will always create something great. But you have to stop focusing on one matter because if you get yourself an overview, you will realize that there are other options, too.
What do you think?

Freitag, 16. Mai 2014

So I'm wishing, wishing further for the excitement to arrive

In March, a few surprisingly summery days gave us pleasure and everybody felt like this year's summertime had already begun. But after these, it got cold and rainy again. It is really unoriginal to mention how desperate for summer I am, but I'll do it anyways.

Dolce and Gabanna - Spring 2014 (photo from daphnebenosa.com)

Oh I wish I had a beautiful Dutch bicycle like this.
I would decorate it in a really kitschy way with lots of flowers and be happy about it.
Maybe this is a good way to motivate myself to do some sports.
(photograph by Anna Malmberg)

Even though I do not have the money to purchase any of them at the moment, there are so many things on my wishlist. But I got a cute little summer job - selling strawberries - so I'm being optimistic.
This post is full of bicycles because I am completely sure that a new one would make my life 100 percent better. Therefore, I'm going to buy a Dutch bike as soon as possible to ride it everywhere I want to go, especially to the open-air bath. I already informed me about the different kinds of Dutch bicycles (exhausting research, believe me) and I am convinced that a vintage one will do. Those are very pretty and also, they own a story (even if said story could be solely comprised of trips to the weekly market or being parked next to a fence).
Of course, I do have a bike by now; it is a little uncomfortable though because one has to sit on it horizontally. Also, flowers and braids don't look very good on this bicycle. And in my opinion, at least the bike has to look fabulous while its rider is dying from labour.

(by Oleg Oprisco)


These are women on their bicycles in New York, photographed by Hermann Landshoff in 1946.
I saw the picture on Zeit Online in a series titled 'More motion, ladies!'; it made me sick for long bike rides immediately.

And, not to be forgotten: this absolutely gorgeous bull standing in a field of flowers and looking cuddlesome.
(found on a nice Tumblr)

Dienstag, 15. April 2014

Lost in my mind

I've been blog-less for a while now. I am not quite sure why I stopped blogging; I think it might have been because I wasn't deeply contented with everything I published. I don't really like the feeling of looking at something I have created and not being happy with it - how surprising!

But I missed it. Facebook and similar platforms quickly annoy me because most of their contents appear to be meaningless and not very individual. On the contrary, the world of blogs represents more variety. Everybody, who is involved in it, is able to express their own thoughts on whatever they like to blog about. And I'd always choose diversity over monotony.
Now, after thinking about a new blog for an eternity and worrying too much, I decided to just start a blog as some kind of notebook and a collection of inspiration. Also, school makes use of way too little of my time and I felt the urgent need to obtain some other activities for me. I am sure that you have to deal with this sad phenomenon as well.

I conceived of the blog title 'lost in my mind' because of the identically named song by The Head And The Heart which is very cute. Thinking of me as a dreamy person, I found the term appropriate. If you want to, you can listen to the track above.

Let's see how this blog will develop. I am full of pleasant anticipation.

(GIF is from a Tumblr blog)